UNFSS Action Track 5 Third Public Forum


New and challenging risks are emerging in the already complex global food systems, as evidenced by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the impacts of which are skewed towards the world’s most vulnerable populations. In addition, there are many other, ongoing challenges, including changing climate, conflict, instability, pandemics, economic shocks, that require solutions to build greater resilience within the current food system from production to consumption. To address this, Action Track 5 (AT5) – building resilience to vulnerabilities, shocks and stresses – is proposing actions to ensure that food systems can maintain functionality, recover from the effects of harmful events, and improve to a better-off state.

The first round of potential game-changing propositions consolidated by AT5 was based on more than 130 ideas submitted by civil society, member states, UN agencies, farmers and youth actors. The propositions are envisaged as a set of voluntary initiatives which government and multi-stakeholders can join, and which will provide space for peer-to-peer learning (including South-South and triangular collaboration), partnerships, and technical cooperation for transformative food systems that contribute to Resilient Development, One-Planetary Health and achievement of the SDGs.